Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT)   is a remarkable method treatment method, which Dr. Pitts discovered in late 2005.  It is a branch of energy psychology – best described as a type of acupuncture using the fingertips rather than needles or a laser beam device.

EFT has a wide range of applications including pain relief, fears and phobias, allergies, addictions, breathing problems, anger, blood pressure, excess weight, anxiety, trauma, relationship issues, , children’s issues, sports performance and women’s issues being among them.

It is the most interesting and powerful medical tool that Dr. Pitts has encountered in the last 30 years.

The Emofree Website gives an excellent overview and some historical information, and also allows the reader to download the free EFT Manual for a full introduction to the concept and its uses.

There is also a free newsletter and a host of case histories as well as a growing archive of extremely interesting and useful “clinical” material, which contains information from well known practitioners around their world

EFT is being applied to EVERYTHING!!

There is a short introductory video on the website featuring the founder (Gary Craig) and several EFT Masters describing EFT and as well as some reports from patients who have been treated with this method.

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