People present with a wide variety of symptoms such as Depression, Insomnia, Anxiety, Headache,  Dizziness, Sweating, Palpitations, Backache and Muscle pains, Tremor, Phobias, Crying Spells, Indigestion, Confusion, Cold hands or feet, Blurred Vision, Cramps, Muscle twitching ,Blackouts, Convulsions and some others as well  !

Such a presentation is the dread of most doctors; the doctor is straightway convinced the patient is neurotic, but these symptoms should alert the doctor to the possible cause. The symptoms can be  loosely classified into the adrenergic symptoms and the hypothalamic symptoms.

I use a simple set of ten questions to assess whether the patient requires a diagnostic blood test.

This condition was formerly estimated to affect 8% of the Australian population   (1983) ; last year  diabetes Australia stated that it now affected 14% of Australians.

This common condition is also dangerous; it is a precursor of diabetes, the most common severe chronic disease in our country because of its high rate of complications and effects on other organs .

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